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 Who's who? Find out here. ;)

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PostSubject: Who's who? Find out here. ;)   Mon Sep 01, 2008 4:11 pm

Are you not on here? Fill in the form below [please follow the instructions]:

1) In [color =] enter the house color (so red, blue, yellow or green) after the equals sign
2) Delete the words in between and and enter the relevant details

[color=] Character Full Name - Roleplayer's Name [/color]

[color=blue] Edward Cullen - Suba [/color]

Pm the code to both Edward Cullen and Katie Griggis and we'll update the Who's Who. :)

It's arranged by house and then character name - real name.

Alexander Corvinus - Chris
Ashley Michael - Krysta
Emma Taylor - Nikki
Janna Stockring - Nikki
Riley Houston - Krysta

Allyahana Graves - Bri
Daryl Roberts - Dara
Edward Cullen - Suba
Elli Christine Dawson - Elli
Lillian Eaton - Kelsey


Austin Michael - Krysta
Cillian Wattson - Soph
Charles Hodder - Rodney
Heather Wattson - Soph
Jasmine Fossil - Liban
Katie Griggis - Ahella
Laurie Moorhead - Kelsey
Scorpius Malfoy - Tanya
Sergei Sokolov - Andrey


Gwendolyn Bolster - Kelsey
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Who's who? Find out here. ;)
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