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 Timeline and Summaries

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Edward Cullen

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PostSubject: Timeline and Summaries   Fri Dec 26, 2008 5:42 am

October 2008: Ashley & Riley

I'll Be There For You
Ash and Riley by the lake and they reveal some of their past to each other. Riley tells ashley more in detail about his father's death and his mother being the murderer. Ashley informs Riley that her father hasn't been there for her and now wants to be back into her life...

Warming Up
They're in the great hall, warming up. They start eating and talking and Riley reveals a horrid scar on his right forearm. Ashley, naturally, asks him about it. He reveals that his abusive grandparents (just like his parents) gave him that scar be using Dark Magic.

November 2008: Edward and Elle

Because Sometimes Just Friends Isn't Enough
Edward finally confesses his feelings for Elle to her and she replies that the feeling is mutual. The two officially become girlfriend and boyfriend.

November 2008: Ashley & Riley

Its Beginning To Get To Me
Riley opens up with Ashley just like on 31 October. He is thinking by the lake in the chilly hours and is overwhelmed by everything dealing with his home life. He doens't reveal what set him off inside, but he had to go to the lake to think. Ashley went out and talked to him and finally got him to come inside because he noticed she was getting rather chilly.

Its Beginning To Get To Me
The second thread isn't finished yet, but the two are in the boys' dormitory and Ashley had asked to see the scar on Riley's chest. She has yet to find out how Riley got it and by whom... but Riley is being very hesitant about showing it to her since he doens't like to get close to people.

December 2008: Austin & Riley

Corridors After Dinner
Austin, after hearing some things dealing with his sister, confronted Riley and was warning him to not lose a friendship and to not hurt his younger sister. Riley got a bit defensive and said that Austin had never been a brother to Ashley and why start now? Of course the two of them don't like each other because of Austin being a Slytherin and Riley being a Gryffindor. It also revealed that Houston family is normally in Slytherin and that Riley was the disgrace to the family name (according to Austin). Austin did more threatening, but Riley stood his ground and the two of them ended up going their sperate ways unharmed and to their own common rooms.

Date Unknown: Ashley & Michael

First Hogsmeade Trip - Part I
Ashley and Michael in the Great Hall before they head off to Hogsmeade. There is an exchange of words... and a hug, but that was it

First Hogsmeade Trip - Part II
The second thread was in Honeydukes and Michael just bought Ash some candy.

First Hogsmeade Trip - Part III
The third one is in the Shrieking Shack. Ashley says that she snuck into the shack once with her friends and said that it reminded her of home... Michael and her had some more conversation talk...

First Hogsmeade Trip - Part IV
The fourth one (which isn't finished yet) is in the Three Broomsticks. So far, Michael and Ashley are talking after getting a butterbeer... and there is possibly their first kiss.

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Timeline and Summaries
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