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 Heather Wattson

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Heather Jane Wattson

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PostSubject: Heather Wattson   Mon Sep 01, 2008 5:08 pm

In Character
Full Name: Heather Jane Wattson
House: Slytherin
Gender: Female the last time I checked... *slight grin*
Joined Hogwarts: 1997

Birth date: 23 March
Year: 6th
Blood Status: Pureblood
Wand: Left hand - 10", Red Cedar with essence of Centaur Tail Hair

Heather is definitely not a quiet girl and therefore she is very outgoing, not caring what others think and will speak her mind for that matter. She is capable to tempers others quickly and is sometimes a little cocky or sarcastic. Not only annoying others for fun, she is quick tempered herself and can't control her actions - it doesn't bother her either.
Heather will also do anything to get to where she wants, even if its hurting someone badly, or even a friend.
But, Heather is very good at hiding herself, appearing somewhat nice on the surface, people most probably thinking she's the only nice Slytherin around ... But we all have little secrets. Some bigger than others.
It's all a game

Background Information:- [optional]

Being Irish, Heather grew up in Northern Ireland with both her parents and her older brother Cillian, who also attends Hogwarts in 6th year.
She looked up to her brother dearly and got along with him rather well, learning a lot from him - spells and other useful things that makes her who she is today.
Both her parents have high paying jobs, though her father is having a slight trouble at the moment, currently having arguments with other co-workers to get things in order and being sent away for assault. Is a good thing Heather isn't home to witness this and his anger. Besides that, Heather has no worry about money and is spoilt a lot, but sometimes she finds it annoying.

Out of Character
Name: Soph
About you:
I'm the loner of people, the quiet girl and I hate it to be honest. I'm not all that good with people and I get angry/stressed easily. Though, put that aside I'm always laughing (even to myself >.<).
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Heather Wattson
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