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 ATTENTION: Everyone Look Here!

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Riley Houston


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PostSubject: ATTENTION: Everyone Look Here!   Sat Jan 24, 2009 9:27 am

I posted this in the Yourspace sectoin, too... But I need your avatars, peeps! So if you could PM them to me, that'd be great! French Fry said I could do this... so I'm totally doing it b/c I hav way toomuch time on my hands! Razz

But here is a list of Avatars I still need from people! If your character's name is crossed off, I already have the avatar! Thanks everyone!

And, as you can see, the ones that are still needed are bold and in a pretty color. Very Happy

Abrams, Janelle

Black, Dragan

Bolster, Gwendolyn

Corvinus, Alexander

Corvinus, Michael

Cullen, Edward

Eaton, Lillian

Fossey, Andrew

Fossil, Jasmine Annabella

Graves, Allyahanna

Griggis, Katie

Hodder, Charles

Houston, Riley

Maleficus, Augustus

Moorhead, Laurie

Malfoy, Scorpius

McLaughlin, Katy

Michael, Ashley

Michael, Austin

Nefarti, Addie

Roberts, Daryl

Scott, Isabella

Wattson, Cillian

Wattson, Heather

Wolf Turner, Aiden
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ATTENTION: Everyone Look Here!
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