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 Elizabeth "Effy" Abigail McNeil

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Elizabeth McNeil


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PostSubject: Elizabeth "Effy" Abigail McNeil   Wed Jun 24, 2009 4:12 pm

Full Name: Elizabeth "Effy" Abigail McNeil
House: Slytherin
Birthdate: August 31st 1992
Joined Hogwarts Date: September 2004-June 2010
Wand: 11'' Oak, Dragon Heartstring Core
Blood Status: Pure
Personality: She's friendly and flirty but won't shag or date guys because she prefers to play hard to get. So far no one has sucessfully be able to date her or have a relationship last over a few weeks without getting dumped because she was bored with them. She loses interest quickly in the few guys that she has dated.
Background Information: Born in La, California she pretty much fits the California girl stero type. It also didn't help that she pretty much had everything fall to her feet because her parents were rich elite living in the rich section of LA. Her parents pretty much ignored muggles so she didn't really know about them till she attended Hogwarts after transfuring there her third year. There she meet a couple muggles and found them dirty, unitelligent, and annoying so she got placed into Slytherin. She was extremely excited to hang out with Katie her BFF pretty much since about birth. The two girls are extremely close and would probably kill for each other.
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Elizabeth "Effy" Abigail McNeil
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