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 Night of January 5th. Sergeiís return. Part 2.

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Sergei Sokolov

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PostSubject: Night of January 5th. Sergeiís return. Part 2.   Sat Jun 27, 2009 9:13 am

Sergei walked along quickly, fiddling with the bandage around his right forearm. Thecut looked better now that he had tied it off. He expected it to be almost
completely gone within two weeks. And hopefully, it would leave behind a nice
looking scar. Sergei loved his scars Ė he thought they added character. When hewas a little boy and got hurt, his Grandfather had always told him the old
Russian saying, ďOn a manís body, scars are only decoration.Ē Sergei now
believed this. Each scar told a story, some of foolishness, and others of

Before he knew it, Sergeiís feet had taken him to the edge of the lake. The water along the bank was frozen, but closer to the middle, he could see moving water. He thought this was strange, because the lake is usually completely frozen over. Must be a warmer winter than usual, he thought. Sergei bent down and picked up a stone, and tossed it over the ice. It plopped into the water and sent ripples gliding across the surface. The lake seemed to be alive; the rhythmic ripples looked like breathing, and the reflections of the stars looked like eyes. Sergei faintly recalled their being some sort of myth about a guy who had about a hundred eyes all over him, and he was supposed to be the sky. Sergei was never particularly keen on mythology. Of course, he loved the
Russian stories about the Leshyy, Domovye, and things like that, but the legends of other cultures seemed ridiculous
to him.

Serg looked up at the castle again, and was suddenly tired of standing out in the cold. It was time to get
to the common room and get some rest. He decided he would check on Hazard in the owlery next morning. He turned, and began walking towards the castle. He felt like he was coming home after a journey, and, in a way, that was what was happening. The patches of snow squeaked under his feet, making a funny sound. Serg felt good.

He walked up to the main doors of the castle, and pulled one open. He strode inside, and began heading towards the Slytherin Common Room.

(Continued in "Slytherin Common Room." Sorry, Slithies only xD")
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Night of January 5th. Sergeiís return. Part 2.
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