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 The Plot & More

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PostSubject: The Plot & More   Mon Sep 01, 2008 7:36 am

Welcome to A Lost Lullaby!

The Plot - 2008
A self-proclaimed heir of the Dark Lord has surfaced in the UK after many years of peace. He has become the rallying point for the former supporters of the Dark Lord and others who are not happy with the current running of the country. A dark era is dawning, as muggles and muggleborns and slaughtered mercilessly. The so-called heir of the Dark Lord, who calls himself the Dark Prince, expresses ideas of wizard supremacy and plans to overthrow the Statue of Secrecy, following in the steps of Grindelwald. He and his followers are attempting to take over the Ministry of Magic and their ruthless murders are mere hints at the terror that is to come. Despite the chaotic situation, Hogwarts remains open. But who knows what will happen this year, with tensions running high?

School Term Dates 2008
Autumn Term
First Half: Tuesday 2 September - Friday 24 October
Half term: Monday 27 October - Friday 31 October
Second Half: Monday 3 November - Friday 19 December

Spring Term
First Half: Monday 5 January - Friday 13 February
Half term: Monday 16 February - Friday 20 February
Second Half: Monday 23 February - Friday 3 April

Summer Term
First Half: Monday 20 April - Friday 22 May
Half term: Monday 25 May - Friday 29 May
Second Half: Monday 1 June - Tuesday 21 July

NB: As far as I'm aware, terms and semesters are the same thing. Half term is a a short holiday in the middle of the term.

Hogsmeade Weekends
September - 13, 14, 27, 28
October - 11, 12, 25, 26
November - 8, 9, 22, 23
December - 13, 14, 27, 28
January - 10, 11, 24, 25
February - 14, 15, 28
March - 1, 14, 15, 28, 29
April - 11, 12, 25, 26
May - 9, 10, 23, 24
June - 13, 14, 27, 28
July - 11, 12

Time in the RPG in relation to time in the real world?
The passage of time in the RPG in relation to the real world isn't that complicated. Two weeks of the RPG-time will be open to role-playing for two weeks of our time.

eg. Monday 1 September - Monday 15 September will be open to role-playing for two weeks

After two weeks, we'll move on to the next two weeks in the RPG and so on. This is just an idea so please share your thoughts.

NB: The chatbox can be found at the bottom of the forum index page. Log in and chat because it makes life fun. Wink
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The Plot & More
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