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 Profile to Cillian Wattson

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Cillian Wattson

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PostSubject: Profile to Cillian Wattson   Fri Sep 05, 2008 7:18 am

In Character
Full Name: Cillian Wattson
House: Slytherin
Gender: Male
Year in Hogwarts: 6th
Birthdate: 18th October
Blood Status: Pureblood
Cillian is somewhat rude and careless when it comes to other people (some - by choice). Mean and plays with other peoples emotions, teasing them and practically anything to hurt others. If he doesn't like you, he'll tell you up front, or you'll find out some other way.
Apart from all that, Cillian does love to have a laugh and have fun, even in his classes which annoys other students and most of all, the professor. Even though messing around in class, he does pass them. This is because he has a photographic memory, so there's no harm done.
He can be quite random at times with his appearance and the way he acts, and doesn't care what people think either. Oh, and he can be just as serious as everyone else, its just rare and boring in his mind.

All in all, he's a fun loving guy, a bad boy at times and someone who can be serious at the right times and be there for his friends. There is a bit to know about him, even when you think you know him. He can change at any time

Background Information:-
He grew up in Northern Ireland with his two parents and his younger Sister, Heather. Before Heather was born and at an early age, his father brought him a broom and taught him to fly. When Cillian got older and better at flying, his father pressured him to fly for long hours in the day. This was because his father missed out on the chance of becoming a Quidditch player, and he wanted his son to be the best he could possibly be.
Cillian practiced for hours a day until sunset, and getting bored of doing the same things over and over.
At the age 10, Cillian would fly off somewhere to escape his fathers pressing. In this escape of his, he found a small house that was hidden deep in a forest, coming across it accidentally, but it was perfect to him. Here, he would think a lot, mostly walking around the forest than in the house, but he know one day it would come in use. And it did, after years in Hogwarts, he would still return to the old house to breath, to get away. And when old enough Cillian also used it to practice his spells and many other things he found from books. To him, it was his home.

Out of Character
Name: Soph (again ^^)
About you: (Explained on Heathers profile)
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Profile to Cillian Wattson
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