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 History of Magic Grades/Test Scores

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Gwendolyn Bolster

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PostSubject: History of Magic Grades/Test Scores   Sun Sep 07, 2008 7:54 am

Grading Scale:
O-Outstanding-90% or above
E-Exceeds Expectations-80%-89.99%
T-Troll-Below 50%

6th Year---NEWT Prep students (Updated 9/07/08)

Name Percent Grade
Cullen,Edward 0.00% T
Fossil, Jasmine 0.00% T
Griggis, Katie 0.00% T
Malfoy, Scorpius 0.00% T
Moorhead, Laurie 0.00% T
Sokolov, Sergei 0.00% T
Wattson,Cilliani 0.00% T

4th Year-OWls Prep Students: (Updated 9/07/08)

Name Percent Grade
Taylor, Emma 0.00% T
Wattson Heather 0.00% T
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History of Magic Grades/Test Scores
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