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 Sergei Sokolov

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Sergei Sokolov

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PostSubject: Sergei Sokolov   Mon Sep 01, 2008 10:19 pm

In Character
Full Name: Sergei Sokolov
House: Slytherin
Gender: Male
Year: 6th
Joined Hogwarts: 2002 (?)
Birthdate: October 13th, 1991 (?)
Blood Status: Pure
Wand: 13" Ivy, Dragon Heartstring core
Personality: Sergei is fairly easy to get along with. He doesn't get mad very easily. He is generally not a very happy person, but loves humor, and laughs and smiles often. He is very proud of being Russian, proud of being a Slytherin, and proud of basically anything about him. He is quick to judge, and bases most of his judgments on appearance. His patience is short for unattractive people. Once you get to know him, he is a very loyal friend. He likes to gossip, but only about harmless things.
Background Information: Born in Moscow, Russia, raised there until age 10, then moved to England. Often goes back to visit his friends and relatives, and frequently accompanies his father on "business" trips. Practices Martial Arts, and is almost as likely to use his fists as his wand. He never speaks of his mother, only occasionally mentions his father and grandfather. Is secretly a puma animagus. He discovered this ability as a child, when he was 6 years old. Under careful coaching by his father, he gained skill in using his animal form, and now is very skillful in most aspects of transformation. He is very interested in the Dark Arts, as is his father, and has been learning them from an early age.
Appearance: Sergei has been considered very good-looking by almost all of the girls he meets. He has short, light brown hair, that spikes wildly in all directions. His eyebrows are slightly darker than his hair. His eyes are dark brown. His features are angular, like an elf's. He is tall, about six feet, and is slender. He doesn't weigh much, but he is strong. He dresses well, and cares about his clothing.
Extra Information: Sergei does well in school, but has a tendency to be lazy. He is also the Seeker for the Slytherin Quidditch team. He has been offered the position of Captain twice, but he does not want the responsibility. He enjoys breaking rules, being mean, and wreaking all sorts of glorious havoc.

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Name: Andrey Alekseyev
About you: I'm similar to Sergei.
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Sergei Sokolov
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